• [ARCHIVE SALE] Tanjun Pipe
  • [ARCHIVE SALE] Tanjun Pipe
  • [ARCHIVE SALE] Tanjun Pipe

[ARCHIVE SALE] Tanjun Pipe

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ARCHIVE SALE - Our visual identity, packaging, and direction of programming have shifted to match the evolution of ourselves and the collective that we envision moving forward. In an effort to avoid unnecessary waste, we are offering the remaining stock of our Core Collection of products with our original packaging on sale. 

Adapted from our original ceramic Tanjun Pipe, this new glass design offers a similar structural design with an even smoother smoking experience. The elegant design acts decor and functions as both an incense holder and a pipe.

Dimensions: about 3" on each side.

Recommendation: For a cleaner smoking experience, we recommend using our Mesh Screens with this design. 

*Keep in mind each piece is handmade and will vary in character and coloration.